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An Individual Wearing Chewbacca Costume Arrested In Ukraine

One of the weirdest and probably also the funniest news today is the arrest of an individual wearing a Chewbacca costume during the Election Day in Ukraine. The person is said to be campaigning for Darth Vader. The person was approached by the policemen and was requested to present his ID. It is a violation of the law if you campaign for a candidate during the Election Day in Ukraine. Chewbacca was then sent to prison for illegal campaigning and various online users posted pictures of the person in Chewbacca costumer appearing in court.

The unidentified person was fined$7.50 but he was unable to pay saying in an interview that he cannot pay the fine because his money is in an intergalactic bank that has no branches on this planet.

According to the Daily Dot news, the incident occurred in Odessa and there is actually a candidate running for mayor in Odessa that is named Darth Vader. It is a legal name of one of the candidates who belongs to an Internet Party which has been known for using Star Wars as theme for their political campaigns.

Last Friday, one statue of Vladimir Lenin in Ukraine was given a makeover and became a Darth Vader. However, the original bronze sculpture is not touched and remained intact inside.

Gold Diggers Searching for Gold in Storm Drains?

Another weird news, this time in California, two persons were arrested for allegedly scrounging for gold in the most unexpected place – a storm drain. Northern California police caught the two persons within the drain. The policemen were already alerted about some suspicious things going on under the tunnel and after the arrest, policemen discovered that the mining operation have been going on for six months.

A lot of business owners were complaining about loud noises under the streets in Old Town Auburn. Now, the public works have to do some repair on the storm drain because of the damages caused by the illegal ‘mining’.

According to reports, the storm drain area where the persons were digging runs under a Mexican restaurant in Old Town Auburn which was discovered and really well-known to be a gold rush community in the 1800s.

An owner of a café within the area also heard loud tapping and banging so he hoisted himself down to see what was happening down the drain days before the arrest. He found flashlights, cigarettes, and chocolates. And with the things he found down there, he said that the mining operation has been going on for months and that the diggers probably did most of their work during the night. The two individuals did not admit to any of the allegations and were also let go by the officials.

Beavers Relocated Into The Wilderness Through Parachutes

Another weird news feed circulating in the news sites today is the resurfacing of old videos showing little animals being packed into boxes. One historian found the long lost footage of a relocation effort in Idaho for beavers in the 1950s. According to reports, beavers were relocated in the 50s in order to solve the overpopulation of beavers. However, the relocation process is a bit weird. To relocate the beavers, Idaho Department of Fish and Game put them into boxes and attached the boxes into parachutes. Just like parachuting, the boxes were dropped from a plane.

Based on the videos recovered, the beavers were successfully relocated in the wilderness unharmed. The beavers survived the flight and were successfully freed into the wilderness.

The historian specializing in fish and game history said that the videos have been lost for the past years because the videos have been mislabelled and placed in the wrong files.